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The basic Guide to essay writing


1. Thinking about the question

This is perhaps the most important stage of essay writing. Make sure you understand the question or the terms of reference of your assignment. If you do not, ask your tutor. Before you begin your research for writing an essay, jot down any points that you think you may need to look for in your reading. Remember thatin an essay, you are being asked to write an argument, therefore you should not be thinking about retelling the events or plots of a novel or film, unless they are relevant to your essay.

2.Research for your essay

Make use of all resources available to you e.g. libraries (including periodicals and slide library), CD-Roms and the Internet. There is never time to read all the books on a reading list, especially from cover to cover. Try instead to find relevant information by looking up indexes and contents pages. As soon as you read the relevant sections, take notes (there is nothing worse than knowing you have read something that will fit your argument perfectly, but not remembering from which of the ten books it is in!) Always keep the question in mind to avoid being swept away by notes. Finally, do not forget to write down the source details (title of book, author, year of publication etc.) and also the Library call number – in case you need to refer to it again.

3.Planning your essay

Making a plan for an essay is not easy, but it will help the structure of the work enormously. Everyone develops his/her own way of writing plans for how to write an essay- either in extensive note form or in a visual diagrammatic form. It really does not matter how, but it does help if you can divide your notes into three sections and think about what you are going to discuss in the introduction,the main section and the conclusion. Each new point in the main section will require a new paragraph so you need to make sure that your ideas run on smoothly. For online essay help studenthelper ask for professional consultation and help!

Writing the essay

  • Introduction. Set out your intentions in the introduction and make sure you define any words or phrases that might be ambiguous in the essay title. It is important to know what you want to say, for the way you begin will determine the direction in which you continue. It might be useful to begin an essay with a quotation that is pertinent to your argument.
  • Main section/development of argument. This is where the bulk of your argument will be found. Much of your essay will be largely dependent on your ability to analyze. You will often use the work of other scholars, both to support your argument and to present an objective discussion in your essay. Remember that critics who have studied the same area as you for many years have often written realms on the subject and can not be ignored. Here, also, compare and contrast other examples. Each new ‘idea’ you introduce requires a new paragraph so make sure there is a link between paragraphs. Keep a tight structure in your essay – if there are bits hanging out in the form of unnecessary digressions or retelling of events, it looks messy.
  • Conclusion.The conclusion of your essay essentially restates much of what has been discussed in the main section of your essay. If it is difficult to state a definitive judgment because of conflicting evidence, say so. Make sure that you state what conclusion you yourself have reached, even if this seems to be in conflict with some of your sources. Much of what is judged by the reader is your authoritativeness in the writing. It is often very effective if you can save one last piece of evidence or summarizing quote for your conclusion.

Sample of an essay about technology

Sample essay of research on educational technology

We were assigned the task of conducting some research on educational technology in the United States of America. We were to do it with the help of some professors from some universities in the U.S while we were in Canada. We never met with the professors in person but we managed to conduct the research successfully by use of Google Docs and GoToMeeting. These two tools have several features, which are of great help to a team, and they really helped us conduct our research. With these two tools, the team was able to view presentations and documents together just as people who were in a meeting.Sample of an essay about technology technology We

With Google Docs, a team is able to edit its word documents in collaboration for it provides the necessary interface to do so. It enables the team members to edit their word documents in real time simultaneous. By the use of these tools, there is security since there is use of a password which each should use to log in and access the ideas of the team.

It should be noted that although these two tools have their strengths, which make them advisable for group collaboration especially when distance is a limiting factor, they have some shortcomings, which make them very frustrating. For instance, GoToMeeting tool offers an ephemeral or temporary space rather than a permanent space to hold meetings. With the use of the Google Docs, each of the team members has to sign up. These tools should be collaborated by use of phones for communication since by use of them alone; the team members will have problems in communication. These tools also lack Microsoft PowerPoint, which is easy to use, and thus they are a bit exasperating for a team to use.

These tools can be of great help for team collaboration in situations where distance is a liming factor since it is impossible for the team members to meet. They just have to be linked together with some other tools like live chat and phone to ease the communication.


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How to write a personal narrative essay college algebra math homework help

Persuasive speech writing service

You may ask in both circumstances, an unbiased question. Your private statement is critical to your application. You should determine how you are going to divide your statement into digestible chucks. A writer can do the same thing for the interest of their writing. In this form, he focuses on a particular matter, and tries to nitpick every component of that said subject. It assists the writer create stories and suggestions, and keep his imagination going. Unlike journalism, the writer doesn’t have to be objective about his subject.


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Criminology essay addresses factors associated with the crime. Students inside a law field reaches some point assigned by having an assignment on Criminology law essay writing. For college students to obtain greater grade in this kind of essay, one must be outfitted using the appropriate ability as a copywriter. Before writing, it is best for students to see and understand instructions given. Explain the keywords used and think of a appropriate subject. Formulating a thesis statement is essential prior to starting to create the essay. Thesis statement formulated in the subject selected can help regarding how to write a criminology law essays. Unlike every other essay, criminology law essay is much more associated with crimes, it is therefore upon students to possess understanding of criminal law and cases. Allocate sufficient here we are at research purposes. Research process becomes simpler when you have already understood the instructions. Collect all of the relevant sources that are worth focusing on. Best sources to analyze on when writing a criminology law essay are sources which connect with crimes like earlier criminal judgment, those sites that report to criminal cases, and criminal research council. After gathering enough information, design the essay in a way that information collected is grouped into various sentences and there’s consistency. Make certain that introduction paragraph lies lower the foundation from the thesis statement. Format

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the essay based on set guidelines. Make certain that there’s correct margins setting, font size and citation style. A vintage font like Occasions New Romans and size 12 are generally utilized in law essays. Generally knowing crafting a criminology law essay depends upon the eye of the student. Stick to the set guidelines when referencing the Criminology law essay. There are numerous kinds of referencing like Harvard and APA. Make certain that sources are very well reported.

referencing like Harvard and APA


Will Writing Service Brentford How To Make A Good Essay Writing

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Writing is really a creative endeavor that follows some algorithm. When you’re writing, you are able to alter these rules and there’s nothing wrong with this as lengthy because it works. Really, what individuals want once they read will be amused, touched, or learn something. It does not matter should there be a couple of mistakes or you have use grammar rules creatively in your write down it generally don’t ruin a great bit of creative writing anyway. However, when doing essay writing

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for the education, you aren’t suppose to bend the guidelines an excessive amount of. Your writing don’t have to be a work of art, but it needs to be a pleasurable read.

Too frequently, essay writing reaches its best if made personal. However, that isn’t always the situation as it depends about them matter and just what your teacher or professor requires. If the essay is made personal, it might be a significantly simpler read. However, in case your teacher or professor struggles with unfamiliar words and impersonal anecdotes while studying your essay, they might not measure the level having a favorable grade when they’re done studying, even when whatever you mentioned you will find details.

One factor you must do to generate a great essay writing would be to spell it right. With the presence of word processors getting spell check features, nowadays there’s no excuse for bad spelling. Actually, it happens to be essential. In case your piece contains bad spelling then that’s not to consider your writing seriously. Good spelling happens to be crucial in good essay writing and you will find no exceptions for your.

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