Sample essay of research on educational technology

We were assigned the task of conducting some research on educational technology in the United States of America. We were to do it with the help of some professors from some universities in the U.S while we were in Canada. We never met with the professors in person but we managed to conduct the research successfully by use of Google Docs and GoToMeeting. These two tools have several features, which are of great help to a team, and they really helped us conduct our research. With these two tools, the team was able to view presentations and documents together just as people who were in a meeting.Sample of an essay about technology technology We

With Google Docs, a team is able to edit its word documents in collaboration for it provides the necessary interface to do so. It enables the team members to edit their word documents in real time simultaneous. By the use of these tools, there is security since there is use of a password which each should use to log in and access the ideas of the team.

It should be noted that although these two tools have their strengths, which make them advisable for group collaboration especially when distance is a limiting factor, they have some shortcomings, which make them very frustrating. For instance, GoToMeeting tool offers an ephemeral or temporary space rather than a permanent space to hold meetings. With the use of the Google Docs, each of the team members has to sign up. These tools should be collaborated by use of phones for communication since by use of them alone; the team members will have problems in communication. These tools also lack Microsoft PowerPoint, which is easy to use, and thus they are a bit exasperating for a team to use.

These tools can be of great help for team collaboration in situations where distance is a liming factor since it is impossible for the team members to meet. They just have to be linked together with some other tools like live chat and phone to ease the communication.


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